The main role of an insight meditation community is to support and help people on the path to awakening. The end result of this support is an increase in friendliness, compassion, empathic joy and equanimity experienced by each community member.

Specifically, the contribution a community makes to its members is:

  • increasing their understanding of the dharma, the teachings of the Buddha; and
  • encouraging, challenging and supporting them as they apply the dharma in their daily lives and in their communities.

Insight meditation

The hallmarks of insight meditation as an approach to the Buddha’s teachings are:

  • a critical appreciation of the Pali canon (the earliest written account of the Buddha’s discourses) as the core reference for understanding the teachings of the Buddha, in particular the Satipatthana sutta
  • for personal progress, a reliance on the development of wisdom through personal insight supported by tranquility practices, rather than devotional practices or the adoption of a living guru
  • a focus on applying the dharma in everyday life.

Principles for a thriving community

1 - Staying focussed on the purpose of the community

  • This means NOT being distracted by theory or practice that doesn't help achieve this purpose

2 - Open inquiry, being willing to question any idea, assumption or practice

  • This means NOT having any sacred cows

3 - Realness, being honest with ourselves and others, and using language and practices that are relevant and meaningful in this time and place

  • This means NOT pretending that any of us know it all, or being swept away by practices or ideas just because they are traditional or feel good

4 - Walking the talk, making a concerted effort to turn theory into practice which means learning by doing

  • This means NOT behaving exactly as we've always done from week to week, or timing out when it comes to self reflection or learning how to apply the dharma in real life

You are invited to get in touch with one of these communities

To edit a community page you will need a password, which is available on request from Jeremy Logan 06 377 1788 | 027 433 2215| send an email


There are a number of communities and individuals who practise insight meditation, as well as people who teach it, in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This website lets you know who they are and where they can be found, as well as where you can find sitting groups, learn to meditate, and sign up for retreats.

Contact the community or person nearest to you to find out more.

A Thought for Today

As we give ourselves to the practice of mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion, our habitual patterns of attachment and separation are seen for what they are: painful and unnecessary mistakes... We can begin to live in a way that enables our hearts to include rather than exclude, to open rather than constrict, to go forward with energy of lovingkindness rather than held back by illusion of separation.

— Sharon Salzberg, "Lovingkindness"